Epoxy resins


For almost 50 years we have been accumulating experience in the production technologies of epoxy resins as well as various applications. The production of epoxy resins was started at our Company in the 1950s on the basis of a technology developed by the Industrial Chemistry Institute in Warsaw. The epoxy resins produced at that time were used mostly for industrial floors, flooring and chemically resistant joints, epoxy glues and casts in electrotechnology. Along with scientific and technological progress, in result of co-operation between our specialists and R&D institutes, new applications were found for epoxy resins in various industries, quality of the resins was improved, new types of resins and epoxy composites were developed and produced and the technology of resin production was upgraded. 

An important event in the development of epoxy resin technology at our Company took place in 1978 when a new epoxy resin installation was produced and installed with high production capacity, with large-scale and small-scale specialised production potential - for basic and composite resins, solid and liquid.
The modernisation in the mid-1990s of the basic resin synthesis technology in our co-operation with the Heavy Organic Synthesis Institute in Kędzierzyn-KoĽle resulted in unique high quality level of resins and expansion of the products on offer by among others solid epoxy resins for powder paints and liquid low-molecule resins with very low hydrolysing chlorine content and low viscosity.
Our technological achievements resulted in export of epoxy resin technologies and were awarded prizes at the International Invention Exhibition "IENA 2000" in Nuremberg and at "EXPO 2000" in Hong Kong.

At present "Organika-Sarzyna" is the only domestic producer of epoxy resins, however it faces strong foreign competition. The assortment of "Epidians" also has an important position in foreign markets. The export of epidians is now about 50% of production and is mostly sold to EU countries. The assortment is varied and covers mostly:

Apart from basic epoxy resins, mostly used as semi-products for producers of paints and varnishes, epoxy compositions for construction industry and other industries and for individual buyers, we also produce more processed epoxy products as epoxy composites for more specialised and direct applications.

The epoxy resins offered by us and a broad range of hardeners for various applications result from long experience and contacts with buyers with respect to applications of our resins.

The most important groups of our epoxy composites are as follows: